Chana Clawson’s Quilts

Cally Gallego’s Quilts

Kitty Julian’s Quilts

Lynea Schultz-Ela’s Quilt

At the last meeting I attended (due to covid concerns) which was at the fairgrounds, there were several truckloads of books set out. One I picked out was this pattern which I immediately loved. I made it out of all scraps and am now quilting it. I was so happy when my daughter picked it out of all my patterns as the one she wanted. Pattern is Earth Works, by Debra Satterfield and Brenda Kirby. The book is signed by creators to someone named Gwyn. I am grateful to whomever brought those books and patterns to the meeting.

Pattie Timmerwilke’s Quilt

I made this for 2020 Christmas.  It is all flannel with wool applique’ Made a flannel pillow and appliqued wool on it

Rita Sussman’s Quilt

This is a foundation paper pieced Christmas tree. This had a 4 week journey before it reached its destination in December. So glad that it reappeared as we feared it was gone and not to be found. It was fun quilting and adding the crystals and glitter paint along with other embellishments. It will be their Christmas Tree for the coming years. Buttons sewn on each branch are for hanging miniature ornaments.

Wanda Gofforth’s Quilts

Cheryl Ridgeway’s Quilt & Embroidery